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At Digital Network Group, we believe the lives of our employees and communities are enriched when we apply our collective talents to improving the lives of others—particularly our most at-risk and vulnerable citizens. The mission of our Kinetic Potential business unit is to help all participants in our programs achieve their full potential—fully integrated into their community, engaged in a career of their choosing and living an independent life that fulfills their personal goals and desires. A person centered and person directed approach is used to develop a unique support system for each person. Kinetic Potential provides a range of support services in order to support people to pursue and achieve their outcomes. Success is measured one person at a time and based upon the criteria established based upon each person’s individual’s goals

Community Learning Services

Community Learning Services provide an alternative to facility-based Traditional Day Habilitation services for people currently unable to work as a consequence of their disability, age or unique circumstances. These services allow clients to be involved in activities in inclusive community settings that improve their communication and social skills, health and wellness, and ultimately their employability

Behavioral Supports

Behavioral Supports services assist individuals who, without such supports, are experiencing, or are likely to experience difficulty at home or in the community as a result of behavioral, social, or emotional issues. Behavioral supports help to understand an individual’s challenging behavior, its function, and to develop a behavior plan with the primary aim of enhancing the individual’s independence and inclusion in their community. Kinetic Potential will provide Behavior support services to both children and adults. Services will be provided in the individual’s home, a family member’s home, or in the community.

Family Supports

Family and Individual Support Services (FISS) covers a wide array of supports in the life of a clients who lives in their own home or their family home, and are provided by making use of resources available in the community, while at the same time, building on the client’s existing support network. FISS are the supports provided to the person and/or his/her family to enable the community participation of the person.

Assistive Technology and Adaptive Equipment

Kinetic Potential will provide or provide support to obtain assistive technology and adaptive equipment. Assistive technology and/or adaptive equipment is technology that may be necessary for someone to live successfully in the community.

Environmental Modification

Kinetic Potential will provide or provide support to obtain accessibility adaptations. Accessibility adaptations are physical modifications to a person’s home that are provided to enable the person to live safely and successfully at home.

Transition Services

Transition Services serve two distinct areas—the first area is set-up for people establishing their own homes in the community. These services include necessary furnishings, household items and services that a person needs for successful transition to community living.

Transitioning Youth

For high school students with disabilities, ensuring a smooth transition to the next stage of their lives requires careful planning, coordination and outcome-oriented goals. A comprehensive plan should be developed during the teen years to realistically address their preferences and needs, helping to ensure a smooth transition from school to the next stage of their lives. In order to best serve the person, considerations relating to employment, education, social, medical, and daily living skills should be the focus. Both student and family involvement are essential as well as the collaboration of school personnel and community resources.


Kinetic Potential will provide support to coordinate Transportation services. Transportation services are designed to specifically enhance a person’s ability to access community activities in response to needs identified through the person’s plan of care. These services are available to people living in their own homes or in their family home. Transportation service may be provided by different modalities, including public transportation, taxi services and non-traditional transportation providers.

Personal Supports

Personal Support offers personal assistance, supervision/support and training for people living in their own homes or in the family home. Personal Support offers a range of home and community-based services intended to assist the client to participate fully in home and community life.

Day Habilitation Services

Day Habilitation services provides the individual with development and maintenance of skills related to activities of daily living, instrumental activities of daily living, vocation, and socialization through application of formal teaching methods and participation in meaningful activities.

Support Broker Services

KP provides Support Broker Services to individuals that choose to the self-directed option of the Community Pathways Waiver. This service provides clients (or their authorized representative) with support in managing employees and contractors that provide services—serving as the human resources department for the client as they manage their own staffing and budgets.

Target Case Management Services / Coordination of Community Services

KP provides Targeted Case management, also referred to as Coordination of Community Services (CCS). KP Staff assist people in accessing the DDA and other service delivery systems, services, and resources. KP Staff encourage people to use natural and community supports. Supporting people in making choices that promote personally defined goals of independence, integration and personal satisfaction is paramount for KP’s Target Case Management Services.

Fiscal Management Services

KP provides Fiscal Management Services for individuals that choose to self-direct their services acting as the business operations department for these individuals. Our services consist of a combination of technology resources to manage schedules, timesheets, pay rates, expenses, taxes and payroll as well as business consulting to support budgeting and planning.

Employment Services

Employment Services provides clients with a variety of flexible supports to help them identify career interests, find employment and to maintain a job. KP staff will focus in the following areas in regards to Employment services:
• Discovery – A process which assists the individual in finding out who they are, what they want to do, and what they have to offer;
• Job Development – Supports finding a job for the individual which includes customized employment and self-employment;
• Follow-Along Supports – which provide periodic supports after an individual has transitioned into their job;
• Ongoing Job Supports – which provide various supports an individual may need to successfully maintain their job;
• Co-Worker Employment Support –which provide support to an individual when an employer has identified that an onsite job coach would not be optimal, yet the individual could still benefit from additional support; and
• Self-Employment Development Supports – which assist an individual whose discovery activities and profile indicate a specific skill or interest that would benefit from resource ownership or small business operation.

Career Exploration Services

Career Exploration Services are time-limited services which use systematic instruction and other teaching methods that help individuals to learn skills to work in competitive, integrated employment. Career Exploration services will be provided in a small or large group setting in the community and in facilities not owned, operated, or controlled by KP staff members. The individuals we service must have an employment goal within their person-centered plan which outlines how they will transition to community integrated employment. KP staff will also provide transportation services through the Career Exploration Services.