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Human Capital is the Essential Catalyst For Unprecedented Results

The power of people exists not just in the work they do, but also in their potential to do great things. Whether we are conducting cybersecurity audits, leading global ERP implementation efforts, or transforming the box, our success and effectiveness rests on the intellectually curious, experienced problem solvers that make up our firm. We are as diverse as our project assignments and our backgrounds reflect the global environment in which we live. As experts at managing change, we put the power of technology to work, facilitating innovation and creating value every step of the way. Our employees are our beliefs in action, illustrating the power of people and transforming the potential for change into innovation@work

At Digital Network Group (DNG), we believe the lives of our employees and communities are enriched when we apply our collective talents to improving the lives of others. As a corporate citizen in communities throughout the United States, DNG utilizes its capabilities to support disenfranchised and at-risk individuals achieve their Kinetic Potential. The key to unlocking this potential is a strong education, a secure career and a boundless motivation to overcome inherent challenges

To fulfill this objective, we develop technical solutions and deliver services that demonstrate how information technology can improve outcomes. We work with many of the brightest minds in the government, academic, nonprofit and corporate sectors to focus on creating social value through the application of information technology. Our Community Stakeholder Model is a collection of diverse resources that collectively contribute to our mission of creating social value. This collaboration allows DNG to bring ideas to scale and accelerate solutions to the most pressing challenges for local