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Whenever, wherever change happens, there's technology

At Digital Network Group (DNG) we believe in the power of information technology to unleash the potential of individuals, organizations and communities. The digital revolution continues to lower the cost of business operations, increase the availability of services and create tremendous opportunities for those with the knowledge, skills and abilities required by the 21st century workforce. DNG’s mission is to help organizations apply information technology in innovative and proven manners that address social challenges—educational equality and workforce development for at-risk populations are priority areas for the firm.

Our customers are on the frontlines of servicing at-risk populations but are generally laggards in implementing technology. DNG collaborates with the industry leaders to build the capacity of frontline organizations, often nonprofits and government agencies, to gain expected benefits and manage the inherent risks associated with technology. When capacity building is successful, it strengthens the organization’s ability to fulfill its mission, thereby, enhancing its ability to have a positive impact on communities and lives. The common thread among our partners—a commitment to collaboration that improves the lives of people in local communities. .